Noyan Balay

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The web has been my canvas since '98. I believe in designing web experiences that are distinguished, storied, and illustrious.

I enjoy sharing & improving with passionate teams, and have worked with companies in various industries such as Web, Graphic & UX Development and Design, VOIP/Telecom, GPS tracking, Real Estate/Property Group, and Luxury Car Service.

Independent web consultant
in Ottawa, Canada.
My mission is to visually and functionally design & develop custom web presences that are user- and mobile-first, accessible, consistent and optimized.

My toolset includes Python, PHP, Javascript, responsive HTML5 & CSS3 with flex layout and animations, Wordpress & Drupal, Adobe Creative Suite, SEO & SEM, Databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL & SyBase), API Integration & CDNs (such as AWS, PayPal, Google services, Facebook, Twitter & Uber), and Server setup & optimization (such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Docker, Web, Email & Database).

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